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How the M. bovis Programme works

Find, contain, control

Finding disease

The Programme finds disease through:

  • Tracing

We trace the movements of cattle onto and from affected properties to other farms, and identifying farms at risk due to proximity and owner-other relationships

 Learn more about tracing

  • National Surveillance

Background screening of our national dairy and beef and drystock herds is carried out around the country. It helps us find a small number of infected farms not captured through animal movement tracing, and gives us assurance that infection is not widespread around the country.

Our National Surveillance programmes:

 Bulk Tank Milk Screening

 National Beef and Drystock Cattle Surveillance

  • Testing

We carry out testing to screen for disease (National Surveillance), and on-farm testing to confirm presence or absence of disease.

 Learn more about testing

Containing and controlling disease

Properties identified through tracing and screening are categorised according to risk of infection, and appropriate measures to contain and control disease are put in place. Measures include:

  • movement controls restricting cattle moving on and off the farm
  • depopulation
  • cleaning and disinfection and standdown period

 Learn more about how we contain and control disease.