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cattle eating silage in a field

Animal welfare

As we work to eradicate M. bovis from New Zealand, we’re also taking care of any animal welfare issues that arise

Here are some tips to help you meet your animal welfare responsibilities:

  • Remember, you are always responsible for the welfare of animals under your care 
  • If your farm is under Active Surveillance, a Notice of Direction or becomes a Restricted Place, your animal welfare responsibilities do not change
  • Your vet can provide animal welfare advice and guidance.

Directions given under the Biosecurity Act 1993 do not over-ride other legislation, such as the Codes of Welfare or Animal Welfare Act 1999 and its associated regulations (2016 Calf Regulations and 2018 reissue Calf Regulations).

See the MPI website for Animal Welfare resources and "Ask Reg" the tool to guide you through the animal welfare regulations.

Farmer tip

Need to determine whether an animal is fit for transport?

The "Fit for Transport" app can provide a quick reference guide.