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What's Casing?

Our Casing team is told about cattle our Tracing team have tracked to and from an infected farm.

The Casing team make contact with the farmer(s) involved to gather correct details, and further information.

This includes:

  • what type of farm it is, and what cattle it has on the property
  • how the farm operates
  • details about fencing, and cattle movements within the farm
  • are the NAIT records accurate?
  • are the animals still on the farm?
  • what cattle on the farm might have come into contact with the trace animals
  • anywhere further the cattle might have gone
  • which, if any, cattle on the farm have come in contact with the traced cattle.
What happens next?

After a call from the Casing team, all of the information we have collected will be reviewed. A decision based on this information is made on what needs to happen next.

This may mean your property is placed under: