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With Moving week currently underway, we would like to remind farmers of the useful resources DairyNZ have to help you during this busy period. Take a read here.

We also encourage you to be alert for potential risks to the spread of M. bovis and other diseases. 

Reduce the risk of M. bovis 
The greatest risk of infection is the introduction of cattle to your herd or contact between your cattle and cattle belonging to other owners. Feeding infected milk or colostrum to calves can also introduce infection to your herd. 

Wandering stock
Another risk is wandering stock. If you find cattle on your farm that may have come from your neighbour’s property:
•    immediately inform your neighbour
•    isolate the cattle immediately from your own stock 
•    check for and isolate any other wandering stock that may have mixed with your cattle
•    check your farm boundaries to see if there’s a breach through which the cattle entered        – block it immediately and repair it as soon as possible
•    carry out a census of all your stock to identify and isolate any other wandering stock            that may have mixed with your herds
•    discuss any potential risks (to both properties) of migrating stock returning to their               home
•    Consult your veterinarian regarding risk.

Keep NAIT updated 
During this busy period it is vital that you record animal movements in NAIT when moving herds or properties. Being able to trace infected animals fast, means we can stop disease spreading to other herds and farms.

If you need help to set up a new NAIT location number or to record animal movements, contact: OSPRI on 0800 48 24 63.

For more information, contact the Farmer Liaison team:
Phone: 0800 008 333 or email: Mbovis_Liaison@mpi.govt.nz

We wish everyone the best during Moving week. We hope everything runs smoothly for you, your family and your animals.