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As Field Days and A&P shows take place in the coming months, it's important to ensure animal traceability is maintained.

Event organisers

  • You can assist traceability by registering your event early. That way, your NAIT event number can be given to attendees bringing animals, before the event takes place.
  • Register an event (and get your NAIT event number) by contacting the OSPRI Support Centre: 0800 48 24 63.
    For regular or annual events, you can use the same NAIT event number, as long as the event is in the same location. Simply call OSPRI’s Support Centre and they will update the dates for you.


You can assist traceability by creating a movement to the event. This is the same process as creating a movement to another farm, except that you record movements to and from the event against the organiser's NAIT event number. You don't need to complete an Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form.

More information on events.