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Moving Day is a big day in the farming calendar and requires good planning and communication to ensure success.

Moving cattle has some biosecurity risks, so we recommend you have good biosecurity measures in place to enhance your protection against Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis) and other pests and diseases.

Preparing stock for transport will ensure cattle arrive at their destination fit and healthy. DairyNZ's Checklist for transporting cows – for farmers and transporters is an excellent resource and covers:

  • transport planning
  • day of transport
  • are the animals good to go?
  • care of sick animals

Keep NAIT updated

Moving Day is the busiest time of the year for livestock movements. Being NAIT compliant is critical throughout this busy period – it helps maintain our traceability system and limit the risk of disease spread.

If you’re moving farm with your animals, you need to:

  • Tag and register all your animals and ensure your NAIT account reflects what is on the farm.
  • Complete an Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form.
  • Create a new NAIT location number for the farm you’re moving to and register all grazing blocks you’re in charge of.
  • Ensure third-party software suppliers/stock agents have this new number, and you have assigned them access to your NAIT account as information providers.
  • Record and confirm movements to new NAIT locations within 48 hours of the movement taking place.
  • Deregister old NAIT location numbers once there are no outstanding movements or animals left.

 For more information and support:

Visit:     Moving Day — moving animals or farm (ospri.co.nz)

Phone:  OSPRI on 0800 48 24 63

Email:   info@ospri.co.nz