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As reported in early October, our nationwide surveillance programme identified a new strain of the disease. Genomic testing from a single property identified the strain.

Our follow-up tracing and testing work from the farm has not identified any further M. bovis to date. We are undertaking a thorough investigation into potential pathways. This includes testing semen and tracing all forward and back traces on and off the infected farm. To date we have not found any live samples of M. bovis in semen. No M. bovis has been found on any farm that supplied the infected property with cattle. Our stepped-up summer bulk milk testing programme has not found any sign of the strain elsewhere.

It is vital that farmers use the system and record all animal movements. NAIT is our best tool to find animals that have been at risk of infection. When records are incomplete or inaccurate, it slows us down and means more farmers are affected as we take a cautious approach to make sure we don’t leave any infection behind. For more information about NAIT, visit the OSPRI website.